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Pat is a championship coach and is just awesome at what she does! She helped me change my life.” S. Smith

If I had met you three years ago, my business would have been a lot further along.  You really know your stuff and it works!T. Smith

We talked marketing, money, organization, selling and lots of other stuff. This changed my life. The openness made it fun and effective! K. Clark 

You deserve a magnificent life…

Let’s all go get it!   Designing Your Life Today was created by Pat Council, Executive Business Coaching, Goal Achievement Strategist, and CEO of Power Up Nation, Inc., to provide actionable, results-oriented achievement strategies. Discover how to make the heart, mind, energy and action connection it takes to achieve your personal and business goals.  You deserve to live a magnificent life filled with purpose, peace, prosperity, and power.

Start achieving by understanding the truth about your ability to succeed.  Build a profitable business using a Power Plan, profitable marketing strategies, creating a loyal customer base and more.   

We are all “Built by Design to Win”™ Join us and become a Power Goal Achiever and discover how to “Do Life with Power!”™

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The Best Most Effective 2022 Planners

The Best Most Effective 2022 Planners

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5 Strategies for Increasing Your Income

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