Resources for Achievement

Get actionable ideas and information along with inspiration and a confidence boost.  Get some of the resources you need to start building your magnificent life and business.

Designing Your Life Achievers Academy

Designing Your Life Achievers Academy

The world is changing fast, but you have what it takes to thrive, no matter what changes come your way. The key is to learn how to use what you have to achieve.  The Designing Your Life Achievers Academy provides courses designed to help increase your income, build confidence, guide goal achievement, and more.

Goals and Business Resources

Goal Achievement & Business Resources

Make your achievement and business building journey, smoother.  Click below to view resources that will help you build a profitable magnificent business.  Also, position yourself to achieve every intentional goal that you set.  Create the consistency you need to build your income by using some of the sugested tools.   

Power Webinars

Webinars Live and On Demand

Overcome obstacles to goal achievement, discover keys to building wealth and so much more by registering for one of our Power Webinars.  Some are on demand and some will be live.  To participate in our live webinars register to receive the “Power Up Today” emails, listen to our podcast or click below.

Group Coaching Sessions with Pat Council

Group Coaching Sessions

Participate in group coaching designed to help entrepreneurs increase revenues, organize the business to facilitate and accommodate growth. These sessions are designed for accountability. Some of the group coaching includes do-it-yourself online courses. Discover ways to increase sales, build a loyal customer base, create customized marketing plans that work and more. 

Power Books

Power Achievers Book Club

Readers are more than leaders, they are  great power achievers, too.   Check out our list of books filled with information that expands the mindset, and provides guidance for success. Books are added as they are discovered, so feel free to email your recommendations.  It may be added to the club to help others.  The books that are recommended have been read by Executive Business Coach, Pat Council. 

Private Coaching Sessions with Pat Council

Private Coaching Sessions

Need special attention to take your business to the next level?  Request private coaching session with Pat.  Discover your true goals and values needed to build a stong business.  Create a powerful marketing plan, discover revenue streams that flow, create or refine a plan that will position your business to be in demand.  Need accountability or a one on one strategy business session, click below.

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