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Dare to think that you should put yourself first?  Maybe you should consider it.  It is difficult to achieve goals if you are always putting yourself last and you deserve to live a quality life.  If you want to get on the fast track to achievement, then start celebrating your, but putting yourself first.   When you achieve goals by putting yourself first, you are celebrating you. If you think it is selfish or narcissistic to put yourself first in life, reading this will give insight as to why you should not always be so willing to take a back seat to your wants and needs.

If you’ve ever flown on an airplane, you might notice that the flight attendant always tells parents to put their air mask on first and then to mask their children, afterwards. That’s because in most cases, it is a parent’s instinct to take care of the children first. The reason it is important for the parent to put their air mask on first, is because if they pass out then the children are left to fend for themselves.  If there is an infant child and the parent is not available to help, this poses a far greater threat.

This scenario gives insight as to why we should take care of ourselves first, if we want to stay on track with achieving goals.  Here are three reasons why it is important to put yourself first, in daily living:

  1. Taking care of your health first can insure you are a help and not a hindrance. Constantly taking care of others while neglecting your own health and well-being may be short-lived. By not taking responsibility for your own health and well-being first, instead of being a help to others, you could eventually become a burden because of unexpected illnesses. You might be working incessantly to bring in money to cater to everyone’s wants and needs, but at what cost? If you are neglecting yourself in the process, eventually others will have to sacrifice to take care of you. This could create a greater strain on your family, if you are a major source of income for them. In other words, the very situation you were working to prevent could become a reality.

Solution: Start taking care of your health. Getting on a simple healthy aging and telomere support system can help. (Be sure to consult your doctor before starting any new health system.)   Take the time to relax and spend quality time with loved ones. Keep in mind that developing a wholesome family is a group effort. Ask everyone to pitch in when necessary.

  1. To be an example of quality living. Everything you do is an expression of your life. If work is all you’re known for and everything and everyone around you gets neglected, you may be sending the wrong message. Keep in mind that we learn from watching each other. Take the time to think about your life. What type of examples are you setting for those who respect and love you? If you treat yourself as though you don’t deserve to have anything good or you take a backseat to everyone else’s needs, you may be sending the wrong message to the people you care about the most.

Solution: Keep a journal for one week of your daily activities. Then set aside some time to examine those activities. How many times did you do something nice for yourself? If you are not treating yourself, periodically then take a moment and think of three things you can do just for you.  Then do them.

  1. You will make a better partner and parent. When you take care of your needs first, you will be a more confident and happy person. For example, getting proper rest is a basic need that we all have. Sacrificing that need for others is a form of self-neglect. As a partner or friend, you may not be as fun to be around if you are always complaining about being tired. As a parent, always appearing tired sends the wrong message to children. Not to mention, you might be a little grouchy.

Solution: Once again, look at your journal of daily activities and see if you can pinpoint areas of self-neglect. Find out what your basic needs are and be sure you are catering to them.  Be sure to celebrate you.

The best way to serve well and win big is to achieve goals by putting yourself first.  Putting yourself first is neither selfish nor narcissistic. It is necessary, if you are to bring your best into your life and the lives of others that you interact with, daily.


Pat Council is a Speaker and Goal Achievement Strategist who teaches people across the world strategies for taking take their visions of achievement and success from being a thought or a wish to making them a reality. She is the author of several books to include her newest book Start Winning – How to Achieve Like the Top 8 Percent. She is the host of the popular podcast, Designing Your Life Today.