Bringing Back Your Power to Win

How to Deal with What Isn’t Working

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Bringing back your power to win is a real feel good moment.  One day while sitting at my desk, I noticed a lot of clutter. I decided to take a moment and clear the cluttered area, so that I could flow better with my work. As I started to throw away papers and computer screen cleaning cloths that had piled up, I noticed my two sets of headphones that allowed me to talk hands free while exercising or working.  Neither pair no longer worked. Even though I knew they no longer worked, I decided to charge them up to see, if by some miracle, they would start working again. That miracle did not happen. Those headphones were finished.

I sat for a moment pondering whether to hold onto them or to simply throw them away, “maybe I could make them work again?” “Maybe, if I held on to them a little longer, they would start to work again on their own.” This was not the difficult dilemma I made it to be. I finally resigned to the fact that it was time to throw the headphones away. It was time to let them go. As I threw the headphones away, it dawned on me that this simple action might explain why other things in my life were not working. I had too many unresolved issues, as well as things that were not working that I was holding on to in my life.

I became inspired. I had the answer as to how to re-ignite my power to win. Somehow, throwing away those broken headphones gave me a spark of new energy.  Sounds silly, but it’s true.  I began to make a list of other things that were not working in my life and I made the decision to resolve those issues as soon as possible. Simply by throwing those old headphones away, I learned four things:

  1. Repair what’s broken or throw it away – Keeping things around that do not work only suck-up energy you need to propel yourself forward. The best part about getting rid of things that do not work is, you will feel your energy rising and your winning spirit will re-ignite. If you are connected to relationships that aren’t working, you may not want to think of it is throwing people away: repair the relationship or let them go. Since this is still springtime, think of it as pruning away things that no longer add to your quality of life.


  1. Settle old issues – If you have any unresolved issues, deal with them as quickly as possible. For example: do not ignore calls or letters from bill collectors. Sticking your head in the sand only makes you feel worse and that burns up the energy you need to win. Forgive where you need to forgive. Pay what you need to pay. If you are not able to pay, then discuss settling the debt, fairly. No matter what the issue is, get it settled and move forward.


  1. Find something to give away – You may have some things that work just fine, but they are no longer serving you. Instead of putting them in storage, around your house, find someone who could use them and give it away. It will add energy to their life and give you the energetic boost you need, also.


  1. Set your sights on something new – Is there a new business, hobby or life adventure you want to start? If so, map out a simple plan and get started immediately. If you are in the examining “your life” phase, then get a clear perspective (download the free Life Perspective Sheet) about your life and start designing the life you really want.


There’s nothing like letting go of the old to bring new energy into your life. When we let go of what isn’t working, that opens our world up to a whole new adventure. That’s called excitement! That sparks winning! That inspires you to “do life with power”!

Pat Council is a Goal Achievement Strategist who teaches people across the country how to take their visions of achievement and success from being a thought or a wish to making them a reality. She is the author of the new book Start Winning – How to Achieve Like the Top 8 Percent. She is the host of the popular podcast, Designing Your Life Today.