How Directives Inspire Success

If you listened to my podcast, Simplifying Your Success: The Power of Directives, this information will provide more insight as to how and why to use directives when it comes to goal achievement. We often set goals with the hopes of achieving them, only to sometimes be disappointed by our results. One of the keys to minimizing a feeling of disappointment when goals aren’t achieved, is to understand how to use directives to inspire your success. In our normal daily routine, we rarely hear about directives nor do we view them as simple methods that could be used for improving our daily lifestyle.

First of all, a directive is an “authoritative instruction” or a set of clear directions that you provide to your mind in order to establish clearly desired results. We have often been told to recite daily affirmations to get desired results. Although, affirmations are effective, directives are far more powerful. Directives can instantly be attached to your imagination. I share specific information as to how a directive connects to your imagination to create your desired outcome for a specific goal in the podcast: How to Make Your Willpower Work. If any of this sounds new, it’s really not. The idea behind directives has been around for thousands of years. The question is: How can we use directives to inspire success?

Directives are easy to use and even easier to follow. Let’s imagine that you wanted a luxury home. A simple directive would be:

“Buy a new, luxury home.” Once you give your mind a simple directive, it goes through a process which connects it to your imagination and inspires action. The action that is inspired comes through your willpower. You can get more information about how to make your willpower work, by listening to the short podcasts mentioned above. Directives inspire success because they not only inspire you to act, they effortlessly connect you to your discipline. Directives will give you clarity and confidence which allows you to see opportunities all around you. Finally, because of the power of a directive, you will realize the truth about your ability to achieve at your desired level.

So, directives are simple to activate. In fact, you can start right now. Think about your top three goals. Choose your most important goal or the goal you would like to make happen first, then using the example given above, put it in the form of a directive. This may seem like a simple task, but it is more important to your goal achievement than you may realize. Be sure to listen to the two short podcasts: How to Make Your Willpower Work and Simplifying Your Success, to get a clearer understanding about the power of a directive. After listening, set your first directive and pay attention to the feeling of power that will instantly take place. Keep in mind, that setting a directive is a very powerful step towards goal achievement, but depending on the size of the goal all results take time. Directives are simply for the purpose of putting you on the road to achievement and winning much faster.

Please feel free to share your experiences below.


Pat Council is a goal achievement strategist, author, speaker and certified sales coach.  She is the host of the successful, self-empowerment podcast, Designing Your Life Today.