Goal Achievement and Business Resources

Below are some of my favorite resources and tools I used to make my business successful.  More coming soon.

free email marketing

Connect with Customers & Clients

Building a successful business is all about who you stay connected to and how you stay connected.  Sharing information with your customers and clients is necessary for success.  Using Constant Contact to build an email list, do SMS texting, posting on social media with the click of a button, marketing your product and more can make your business successful in no time. It works for me and can work for you.  Set up your free 60 day account below.

build website traffic

Build Website Traffic Faster

If you struggle with getting more traffic to your website, click below.  I started using Rank Math, instead of Yoast.  It is easier to use and you will love the results.  The reports are simplier to read.  There is a free version and a PRO version.  I use the PRO version to get maximum traffic.  I became a fan when my traffic increased by 8000 each week and has continued to grow, almost daily.  Click below to discover more and to increase traffic to your site.

build courses

Build Courses Easily and Quickly

Turn your passion into profits. Set up your own online course.  Create passive income while teach others by joining Thinkific.  This is one of the easiest online course programs to use.  Whether you are new at setting up a course or seasoned you will love how simple this program works.  Give a try for 30 days, free.  You will also be impressed with the step by step instructions and the support.  This is one of my favorite programs.

Designing your life today-Quick Books Financing

Easily Keep Finances in Order

A large percentage of business owners use quickbooks to easily manage their finances.  It is not always about how much money we make in business.  It is about what we do with the money we have and how much we keep.  Monitoring your business income is just as important in your business as marketing and sales.  Quickbooks is a very efficient and cost effect way to get and keep your finances in order.

monday.com program

Organizer Team, Marketing, and More

Make it easier for your work to flow by using Monday .  Keep your team, marketing, projects, and other tasks in order.  Increasing your business depends on being able to streamline for maximum productivity.  Centralize all your work, processes, tools and files into one operating system (OS).  Create customizable dashboards that will help you achieve your goals with more focus.  Set up content calendars for more organized marketing material. Free to start.

Content writing-Designing Your Life Today Business

Content, SEO, Product Descriptions

Make creating any type of content for your business, easier.  Get the blogs needed, get help describing your products with the right SEO content.  Make it easier for your customers to find you.  This is great way to boost sales.  Get the right information for your website, products and marketing by having access to over 2000 professional writers. Content crowd is easy to use and it has a fast turn aroung time.  The writing is high quality.  Makes branding easier. 

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