How to Activate Your Confidence

Removing Barriers to Success

Pat Council

Confidence is a powerful energy and one of the tools you can use to build your magnificent life. When your life is not flowing in the direction you had hoped, then it is most likely time to activate your confidence. You can read more here about this, but in the meantime here are a few suggestions to help you make that happen:

  1. Start changing what you can. Make a list of all the things in your life that are not working for you. Then decide which ones you have the power to change, pinpoint what you are willing to change. Create a plan to changing them to suit your life. Get help if you need it.
  2. Listen to your words. What are you saying about yourself or other people? Pay attention to any complaining or blaming. What are you afraid to take responsibility for in your life? For example, you complain about someone making more money than you, then take a moment to reflect on any feelings of inadequacy you may be having. Next, decide that you are going to take control of your own destiny without comparing yourself to someone else.
  3. Become more decisive. If you are often seeking the opinions of others about what you should do for your life, consider deciding on a course of action first. Take a moment and think about the outcomes you truly desire. Next, you may need to go on a fact-finding mission or even ask for opinions of others that you believe can provide guidance. Of course, when all is said and you have done your homework, consider whether you want to stay the course or make a shift. Either way, let the final decision be yours, no matter what.

To activate your confidence, you must be able to recognize when you are not using it. To do that, you must know what confidence feels like. The key is to understand more about confidence and to discover ways to use this powerful tool, to build your magnificent dream life. Here are some resources that will help you activate and build confidence:

  1. Register for the webinar: The Confidence to Excel in Life and Business
  2. Register for, “Facing You, Building Confidence to Achieve Happiness and Success
  3. Listen to the podcast: Designing Your Life Today.
  4. Recommended Book: High Impact Power Goal Setting
  5. You may also consider hiring a licensed therapist.

Pat Council is a Certified Life and Business Coach, a Goal Achievement Strategist, and the host of the podcast: Designing Your Life Today.