Risk Being a Superstar

Taking Risks That Bring Out Your Best


In life, we must risk being our best and delivering our best talents. This is a risk because the more you focus on using your talents and delivering your best self and making your best contributions to society, most likely the more recognition you are going to receive. The problem with that is that most people who get public recognition from achieving, become vulnerable to getting ridiculed or criticized publicly whenever they make a mistake. Since my friend Tommy Ford, a co-star on the Martin show, has passed away, a lot of slanderous stories have come out about how he was living his life. Whether these stories are true or not, this points to the idea that the more you risk being your best and the more recognition you get for it, there’s always someone waiting to prove that you are less than the best. This causes people to fear being their best. They shy away from boldly pursuing their dreams and they settle for living unsatisfying lives because they fear being criticized by others.

I once had a friend who said, “I’m glad I’m not a star, because they have no privacy and the media is always publishing dirt about them”. Of course, he was not excelling at anything at that point in his life. The truth of the matter is, we allow criticisms of others who are human just like the rest of us and make mistakes too, cause us to hold back from being our best. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do or don’t do, somebody is always going to find a reason to criticize you for something. All the politicians, movie stars and other high profile people risk being criticize publicly by the media. They risk judgment, insults and both justified and unjustified accusations. Although this is unfortunate, I do applaud them for being tenacious when it comes to pursuing a dream and achieving their goals.

Are you willing to risk being a superstar? Being a superstar is not just about getting lots of money. It is more about being true to your gifts and talents. It is about having the courage to do what it takes to build the lifestyle you desire and to leave a legacy of excellence as an example to others who can use it as inspiration for pursuing and achieving their dreams. Having a fear of criticisms from others and allowing the opinion of strangers or even friends to keep you from going for your dreams is something to eliminate from your life.

Now is the perfect time, to make a commitment to yourself. What are your hopes and dreams? What is stopping you from achieving them? Are you listening to others who have not yet accomplished their dreams? Are you afraid of being criticized? Whatever the question is that you should ask yourself, which will inspire action and help you set achievable goals that will inspire you, and encourage others, today is the day to ask those questions. Take the time to discover whatever is holding you back and when you do, promise yourself that you will let nothing stop you and that you will move forward and do life with power.