Why is it important to learn to understand your emotions?  Why is it necessary that you take the time to connect to your emotions?  The simple answer is, so you can live your best life and be happy.  When you can better understand and embrace your emotions, you will have control over creating a prosperous life and your magnificent dream life. Wealth, happiness, great friends, and better health can be yours.  The real challenge is learning how to use your emotions to achieve the goals that will produce your magnificent life.   This is where mastering your emotions comes into play.  However, there are other factors that can interfere with our ability to do what is necessary to master our emotions and bring them under control.

As mentioned in the podcast, What You Must Master to Achieve Wealth, to master your emotions, you must put your attention on 5 areas:  1.  Exert effort.  2.  Have patience.  3.  Commit to practicing.  4.  Strengthen mental discipline.  5.  Develop spiritual understanding.  Listen to the podcast to discover how to be a more active participant when dealing with your emotions.

Keep in mind that other factors can get in your way.  Here are some of those factors to be aware of:

  1. Other People – Unless you are a hermit, at some points in your life you will have to deal with other people.  Whether it is friends, a doctor, lawyer, spouse, significant other, grocery store clerk, etc., there will be some interaction.  Nothing can challenge or control your emotions more than other people.  Your task is to make sure you activate the right emotion for whatever situation you are encountering.

Activating the right emotion starts with understanding yourself, knowing your boundaries, and    deciding before acting.  Another solution is to choose to be around people who respect and honor you as a person.  Remember, there will be times when you encounter someone who will “rub you the wrong way”.  Do not let their negative attitude in fringe on your emotions.  This is where boundaries come into play.

  1. Television – Watching T.V. is a favorite past time for most of us.  Other than being a serious time consumer, television can control your emotions if you let it.  What you watch can bring about certain feelings.  For example:  Watching a sad movie can make you cry and watching a funny movie can make you laugh.  Allowing movies, various television shows, the news, talk shows or even music videos can bring out feelings that are counterproductive to your success.

Watching something on the news that sparks outrage in you is only productive if you intend to provide solutions to the right people.  Otherwise, you will only be activating feelings that will prevent you from building the life you desire.  Take control of whatever you are feeling.  Do not give the voices and sounds coming from people or animation through an inanimate object (the television) to influence you in the wrong way. Consider watching shows that inspire, enlighten, and bring out good feelings.  This is the inspirational information you need to take in that will raise your success vibrations and spark creativity.

There are so many other factors that can derail emotions needed to bring success:  frustration, feeling overwhelmed, unresolved issues and the list could continue.  Your challenge is to discover ways to understand your emotions and to never let anyone manipulate you.  Let your emotions serve you.  That way they will keep you on track and you will build a wealthy life and a magnificent one.  Once you have mastered your emotions you will become more successful than you ever imagined.  This is called, “doing life with power”!™