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Prosperity a Divine Right

Get a clear understanding of how to manifest your desires and learn what true prosperity is all about.  Get step by step instructions on how to truly attract the things you want.  This webinar is interactive.  Learn how to open up so your energy will bring you the abundance you want. Discover what your true attitude is as it relates to prosperity. Click on the title to watch free.

Success Secrets that Work

This webinar can benefit multi-level marketers.  Get the skills to help you remain competitive and learn what it takes to achieve financial security in the “direct selling” industry.  Find out what really works in the direct sales business.  Get the main key to closing a sale that goes beyond closing questions.  Earn cash within your first 30 days and much more. Click on the title to watch free.

Truth about Success & Wealth

Imagine bringing order to your life and moving toward your goals. This interactive webinar will help you act and get tangible results. Discover the 5 most important things to focus on developing to achieve true success and wealth. Understand the one quality to strengthen that will introduce you to the lifestyle you have always wanted. Entrepreneur or employee, learn what can bring about the success and wealth needed in your life. Click on the title to watch free.


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We will be adding new webinars periodically.  Check back periodically or listen to our podcast “Designing Your Life Today” for new webinar announcements.

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