Bounce Forward and Achieve

Bounce Forward and Achieve, Designing Your Life Today, Pat Council

You may have heard the phrase “bounce back”. In fact, I use the phrase “bounce-back-ability” in one of my YouTube videos. There are times when talking about bouncing back is inspiring, but there are also times when you want to visualize yourself bouncing forward and achieving your greatest successes.  When you understand how to bounce forward and achieve, you will enjoy your recovery journey so much more. Sometimes, things happen in life that can really bring us down. You lose your excitement and zest for achieving. If you learn to focus on bouncing forward, you may find it easier to start winning, again. Here are three tips that will help you bounce forward and achieve:

  1. Forget the past – let go of any regrets that you may be holding on to. Stop thinking about what you should’ve done and acknowledge your new lessons that you’ve learned. Once you’ve acknowledged your newfound wisdom, start imagining your new life. See yourself doing wonderful and exciting things.
  2. Start measuring your success – measuring your success is all about acknowledging that you are moving forward. Each day take as many success steps forward as you possibly can without exhausting yourself, then write them down in bullet point form. Listing your success steps will give you a feeling of true accomplishment and progress.
  3. Adopt a new habit – identify those habits that may have caused you to fail. So that you do not become overwhelmed or depressed, do not make a long list of habits that you might consider to be bad or counterproductive to your success. List maybe one or two of those counterproductive habits and consider adopting a new habit. Remember success is achieved one step at a time.

Thinking about bouncing back can still inspire you to get going, but imagining yourself bouncing forward will definitely cause you to spring into action and to start getting the results you deserve.  Have you ever stopped to think about areas of your life where you might need to bounce forward and achieve?

Pat Council is a Speaker, Business Consultant and Goal Achievement Strategist who teaches people across the world strategies for taking their visions of achievement and success from being a thought to making them a reality. She is the author of several books to include her newest book Start Winning – How to Achieve Like the Top 8 Percent. She is the host of the popular podcast, Designing Your Life Today.