Achievement Strategy #1

Overcoming fear has been a challenge for many for centuries and yet the issue of managing fear still persists.  Maybe because the focus is on the wrong energy, which is bringing wrong solutions and unwanted results.  No matter how much effort is put forth, as long as fear is the focal point, the fear will persist.  So what’s the key to overcoming fear?  Learn to master courage.  When you can master your courage, nothing will stop you from building your best life.  Here are 5 ways to start strengthening your courage:

1.  See problems that would normally stimulate fear and challenges that call for courage.

2.  Challenge your thoughts by questioning the validity of the situation or thing that you are fearing.

3.  Put your focus on what you can give to make the situation better, not get from the situation. (Giving creates feel good moments and clears your thinking so you can produce solutions.)

4. Think about a successful person that you admire who wins often and imagine what they would do in the fearful situation.  See yourself as someone is fearless.

5.  Take some type of action that is directed towards the thing that you dread or fear.  Courage is stimulated by action.

Fear is an energy that can dominate your life and stop achievement.  Using the steps above will at least get you moving toward the life you desire.  So many people have allowed fear to stop them from asking for what they knew that they deserved.  If you have some type of fear, be assured that it is preventing you from doing life with power.  Take some time to identify the fear and then image what your life would be like if you had the courage to do what you needed to do to get the outcome you desire.  Here is a peek into your future:  Whatever, you can imagine that is on the side of success and accomplishment, it is meant for you to do and to have, so summon your courage and start moving towards the life you desire and deserve.