Developing your growth mindset is necessary for consistent goal achievement and success.  The thoughts you accept as fact will determine the quality of your life.  This includes health, wealth, and relationships.  The questions to ask yourself for awareness’ sake are:  1.  Do you have a growth mindset?  2.  What daily activities are you doing to ensure that you continue expanding your mind?

Since there is constantly information coming at you from so many different outlets, it is important to take full responsibility for what you allow into your mind.  Thoughts that are counter productive to your success achievement and living a quality life must not be allowed to shrink your thinking.  Here are 5 ideas that can be used to develop a growth mindset:

  1. Be aware of where you are in life at this moment and accept the thought that you can achieve more.  Sometimes we can prevent our growth by not paying attention to where we are in life.  Once you become aware of where you are in life, you can make different decisions about the actions you have been taking.  You will be able to create a vision that will take you where you truly desire to be and open your mind to ideas for making your vision become real.
  2. Decide to discard or ignore any philosophies or stereotypes that have caused you to think that thee are limitations on your life. Know that you can achieve any goal that aligns with your calling or desires. Get rid of thoughts about age, gender or race.  You are” built by design to win”™, so embrace that thought with passion.
  3. Surround yourself with people who will be honest with you, when you are settling or selling yourself short. Accept their encouragement and do not let your inner critique keep you from embracing your magnificent self or the wonder that is you.  You are not here on this earth to settle for less than you deserve or desire.
  4. No matter what, be good to yourself.  Show yourself compassion. Have you ever met anyone who grew in life without making mistakes? Give yourself a break, because there is not one person who has not made a mistake or done something they wish they could change.  Forgive yourself and move on to the next step in life.  In fact, add a lot of self-care into your life.  Treat yourself and never stop imagining the highest and best for yourself.
  5. Speak a positive and powerful destiny. Get rid of words like, ”if”, “when” and “then”.  Instead say, “I am…”, and “I choose….”  Constantly saying “if”, “when” and “then” are clear signals that you are not truly embracing thoughts of achieving your goals.  There is nothing wrong with complimenting yourself when you have done a good job on a project or you have achieved a goal.  Take the time to look in the mirror and speak to yourself about the amazing abilities you have and how you are going to use them to win.

The power to develop and grow a mindset that guides you to a successful, happy and peaceful destiny is completely up to you.  Of course, you must believe it and do what it takes to establish a mindset that works for you. Keep in mind that the more you expand your mindset the more you will achieve and become an example to others who are looking for inspiration from someone.

If you desire to build a magnificent life you must eliminate the excuses and start using your mind, effectively.  As discussed on the Designing Your Life Today podcast episode: Using  Your Mind to Build Your Life, the key to your success is to learn to use your mind to build your life, not shrink it.  Developing a growth mindset is what it is going to take to win and “do life with power!”™