Achievement Strategy #2

Your pursuit of success must be driven by focused energy and intention.  Where your dreams and desires are concerned, you must be relentless.  The idea of being relentless sounds daunting and unappealing, but it is not as boring and tiresome as it may sound.  Here are 5 ways to bring excitement to your action, energy and focus:

  1.  Never let self-doubt rise up in your mind – There is no room for self-criticism or uncertainty when it comes to pursuing your successful goals.  We sometimes confuse self-examination with a license to criticize ourselves, but stay away from criticism.  It is a negative form of self-examination that is counterproductive to getting the results wanted when pursuing a goal.  Your energy must resonate with confident determination.  The key is to examine and assess your goals, make corrections where necessary and keep moving forward.
  2. Keep in mind that your success does not depend on any one event – Never give one project, event or person too much meaning when it comes to achieving your dreams and desires.  This creates desperate energy and that pushes the desired outcome away.  You always have more than one choice.  Examine all the options that you have, pick one and keep going.
  3. Be patient – Take the time to enjoy the process.  Do not stress over the outcome.  Stay peaceful, but be persistent.  Peaceful and persistent energy will attract more success than you could possibly imagine.
  4. Accept yourself fully – If you aren’t on target for achieving your goals, be sure not to compare yourself to someone else who appears to and actually may be achieving theirs.  That will create envy and attack your confidence.  In addition to that, those behaviors make you unattractive to yourself and others.  (This could repel your good, until you shift your energy.)  Maintain your beliefs about your ability to achieve and take the next stop.
  5. Spend no time regretting – Let go of wishful thinking and brooding about old mistakes and the past.  Stay present by doing the necessary work and look forward to receiving what you are working for.

Building a successful life takes time and diligence.  If you have planted the seeds of success in your life, then keep patiently nurturing those seeds and no matter what keep going.