Define success in your own terms - inspirational words on a vintage slate blackboard

People are so busy today, going to work, running a business, and making their life work on a daily basis. At the same time, people are very quick to express their discontent with their lives and the lifestyle they are living. Sometimes we have to step back from everything, find some alone time and truly reflect on life. A time of solitude and reflection can help almost anyone find answers to the question:  “How can I have a better life?”  Whenever we take the time to reflect during moments of solitude, it is important to ask yourself the right questions. When asking the right questions, we find that the answers to the questions expose long-held beliefs that were never really recognized or that we were not willing to admit the existence of these beliefs. If you really want to know what you’re thinking and feeling about your success and the goals you set, ask yourself these four questions:

  1. If it weren’t for money time and personal responsibilities what would I really like to be doing with my life?
  2. As a child what did I love doing and what was I really good at?
  3. What activities make me feel good the way I felt when doing what I loved as a child?
  4. Am I doing something today to benefit other people that gives me a feeling of self-respect and fulfillment?

Although, these may seem like basic questions to ask yourself when it comes to defining goal achievement and personal successes, it has been proven that what we loved and did well as children still continues to be our real talent as adults. Most people discard or stray from their childhood interests in early adulthood. What childhood interested did you have that you could use today to help you achieve your most passionate goals? Taking the time to write this information down and reflecting on it during your time of solitude will help you pinpoint a more progressive and profitable direction for your life.